Et par ord om RFnivo®, fra vores samarbejdspartner; UWT


This capacitive level limit switch leads the way with its active build-up compensation technology and automatic calibration.

What makes the RFnivo® the sensor of choice?

The new RFnivo® is the first choice for many applications
RFnivo® 3000 is certified for all bulk solids applications such as flour, grain, sugar, cement, granulate, carbon black and also for slurry and liquids.
We are often asked whether there is one measurement principle, which works reliably in all bulk solids applications? 

Is there one sensor that can cope with low bulk density, bridging, caking, abrasiveness, corrosion, high tension and leverage forces, high and low process temperatures and pressures, low and fluctuating dielectric value as well as being able to offer a short reaction time?

Up to the development of this sensor the answer to this question has been “no”, there has not been any one measuring principle to solve all challenges in all applications. Therefore, UWT decided to enhance their portfolio with a capacitive sensor that is able to offer a solution for any challenge.

Solutions for

Any industries with solid & liquid material handling application, a favourite choice for:

  1. Power
    Link to success story – RF3300 high temperature version for ash economizer process hopper
  2. Cement
    Link to success story – Level limit measurement in Portland cement
  3. Chemical & Fertilizer
    Link to success story – Level limit measurement in fertilizers
  4. Aluminium & Steel (metal)

Click here for more application examples

Example Applications:  

  1. ESP Dust Filter switch (electro static precipitator) in power plants, cement plants, bag-filter application etc.
  2. Chute block detection switch for conveyor transfer
  3. High temp. material handling application like cement clinker and any other material handling applications up to 500 ° C
  4. Aggressive chemical application like acids, alkali etc. using our fully PFA coated Protection+ model. PFA coating is very robust with 1mm to 1.6 mm thickness

Link to RF Protection+ Flyer

Product Highlights & Special Features

Automatic calibration
Save operator time with the automatic calibration function on start up
The RFnivo® automatically starts to calibrate itself once the set-up and the wiring in the container/silo has been completed and the power supply connected. The operator has to do nothing further than set the signal output in the Quickstart menu according to its application.

For “hardcore” RF probe operators, there is also a powerful manual and menu-driven calibration. This ultimately arrives at the same conclusion as the automatic calibration.

Active Shield Technology
Leading the way with the active build-up compensation technology
All RFnivo® probes come with the Active Shield technology as standard.

The Active Shield technology prevents faulty switching caused by the build-up of material which is prone to caking or bridging on the probes extensions or caused by the build-up of condensed water in the process.


Userfriendly parameter settings
Easy to understand and use
We help you to select the right sensor for your application
– High Temperature & high pressures models
– Various extension lengths
– Choice of housings
– Remote version models
– A range of international certificates available
The standard specification of the RFnivo® is high and international approvals are available. In addition toATEX, the sensors are also certified with IEC-Ex, FM / FMc, EAC and TCCExEE . For applications in the food industry, sensors with EHEDG approval are available. In general, all parts of the probe which come in contact with the bulk solid material are FDA and 1935/2004/EC compliant.


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